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Over the years, Alan has guided numerous candidates through the hard road from aspiration to success in the airline industry.  He offers personalised guidance in the following areas:  selection of training route, choice of training organisation, assistance with theoretical knowledge studies, remedial flight training for those who struggle, tuition and examinations in aviation English and radio telephony procedures, interview coaching, simulator preparation, overcoming nervousness. 


Valerie Stait MSc


Valerie Stait has been flying worldwide for 24 years. She has 14,000 hours and currently works in two roles for a mainline Asian airline. She flies long haul on the Boeing 777 and works in flight operations risk assessment management, mainly in incident investigation. Valerie holds an MSc in Aviation Human Factors and is also a Liveryman and Director of Technical and Safety for the Honourable Company of Air pilots Hong Kong region, a body that promotes excellence in aviation. In previous airlines, she was part of the crisis management team and taught security to air crew.

Valerie started flying when she went on a week’s gliding course and didn’t come home for two years. She talked her way into a job on the gliding field, driving the winch for the summer courses and worked her way up from the grass roots, towing gliders and instructing along the way. She believes persistence and not being afraid to get your hands dirty were key to her success.

When not involved in flying, Valerie spends her time between her boat in Hong Kong and her farmhouse near Toulouse. She competes in dancing and enjoys hiking, having completed the 1,000km trail of the South West Coast Path in the UK. She is currently working on ways to implement the latest science behind safety management and resilience engineering to better understand and increase safety in Aviation on a practical level.


Capt Ken Peach


Ken is a career instructor with over 30 years of instructing experience, 25 of which have been at commercial level working with many of the leading commercial pilot training organisations. His teaching has ranged from PPL to both integrated and modular ATPL.  Along the way, Ken has gained approval to teach instructors from PPL to CPL/ IR level. Additionally, he is an examiner for PPL as well as SEP and MEP class ratings.

Originally with a background in heavy industry design engineering, over the years Ken has held the positions of CFI and Standards Manager at various training organisations and has authored and developed many student briefing notes which, in conjunction with his instructing, have helped countless students along the path to realising their aspirations.


Captain Stev

Coming from an engineering background, Steve learned to fly in the 1970s, and became an instructor for the PPL, then the CPL in the 80s, then CFI of a CPL school. Then came a period of commercial flying, pleasure flights in vintage taildraggers, air taxi flying in light twins, worldwide aerial surveys in twin turboprops and finally, 10 years as captain with a regional airline. Throughout this time, Steve maintained his interest in teaching, and continued to instruct in his spare time for the PPL/IRR/aerobatics, and specialist instruction on vintage piston and jet aircraft. Steve now teaches for the CPL/IR, Is CFI/Chief pilot of a vintage military jet operation, and is an LAA coach/test pilot.


Alan is a former airline captain with long experience in the industry.  As an EASA qualified flight instructor and senior examiner, he is still involved at the very hub of the training industry.  Alan has taught theoretical knowledge in many of the ATPL subjects as well as delivering flight training from PPL to ATPL level.  He is an authorised flight instructor for CPL, MPL and IR courses as well as holding qualifications to teach and examine other instructors and examiners.  As the holder of two science degrees, he is no stranger to technology.  Alan also holds diplomas in hypnotherapy and linguistics and is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society as well as being an Upper Freeman of the Honourable Company of Air Pilots.

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