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A calm and confident approach to stressful tests, examinations and interviews. 

Approach your Airline interview with confidence

One-to-one tuition to achieve the essential ICAO Level 4 certificate.

Preparation for written examinations at all levels from PPL to ATPL in all subjects.​

Live training on real simulators as used by the airlines

Advice on where to start and how best to pursue a course of training towards becoming a pilot

Preparation for the RT practical test

Aviation Human Factors subject matter experts, contact us for details.

Alan Wrigley Associates is a group of experienced aviation specialists offering

A broad range of services for professional development and enhancement.​ 


Our consultants are all currently active or recently retired senior position holders

In airline, training and safety roles.​ Because of this, we are able to provide up to date,

professional support for all levels through one consultancy.

"Alan’s interview coaching was very successful. He was very good at identifying both strengths and weaknesses in my techniques and then working with those. It’s not always a comfortable process as Alan takes no prisoners, clearly using his psychological background, but the coaching was very effective. After three rounds of interview, which Alan coached me all through I was offered a management job!"

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